Administrative Director | Administrative Support Division

The responsibilities of the Administrative Director are:

  • articulate Affirmative Action policies in the management bodies of UFSC;
  • assist the Office of Affirmative Action and Diversities in establishing policies for confronting gender phobias and gender-based violence inside the University;
  • coordinate the establishment of institutional support policies for the promotion of rights;
  • advise the university’s staff on the validation of affirmative action (for quilombola, indigenous and low-income students) during the students’ registration at UFSC.
  • coordinate the monitoring, on all levels of education at UFSC, of black, quilombola and indigenous students, students with disabilities, and those coming from public schools;
  • coordinate the reception of students admitted through affirmative action;
  • promote the education of students, faculty and staff and in all topics related to affirmative action;
  • stimulate and support the participation of students admitted through affirmative action in events related to the subject;
  • coordinate the institutional evaluation of affirmative action at UFSC;
  • articulate with indigenous and quilombola organizations;
  • promote projects for the awareness and education for “Human rights, Accessibility, Sexual Diversity and violence against women” within the University community.

Director: Prof. Marcelo Henrique Romano Tragtenberg

The responsibilities of the Administrative Support Division are:

  • advise the clerk in charge of the Office (SAAD) on relevant affairs;
  • assist in the communication and internal relations of the Office sectors;
  • oversee the flow of processes in the Office;
  • assist in the dissemination of decisions by the Secretary and Directors both within the Office and to other interested parties in the university community;
  • cater for the demands of the university community and forward them when necessary;
  • carry out other activities pertaining to the area or that may be delegated by the superior authority.