Francis Solange Vieira Tourinho
Secretary for Affirmative Action and Diversities

The responsibilities of the Secretary for Affirmative Action and Diversities are:

  • advise the Rector in the formulation, coordination and articulation of policies  concerning affirmative action and diversity;
  • coordinate the formulation and implementation of such policies;
  • assist the academic managers, commissions and work groups to ensure the consolidation of affirmative actions and guarantee human rights related to gender and diversities;
  • propose to the competent authority the signing of agreements with other bodies, when related to its field of action, followed by the monitoring of such agreements;
  • act jointly with other Prorectorates or Offices and with the Rector’s Office in the solution of problems;
  • issue ordinances and other administrative acts that may be necessary for the completion of its activities;
  • coordinate other activities pertaining to the area or that may be delegated by the Rector;
  • coordinate the elaboration of the office’s annual management report;
  • elaborate and submit, to the University Council, periodic evaluation reports on the results of the Affirmative Action Program, and suggest mechanisms for its improvement;
  • integrate the Affirmative Action Forum of the Federal Universities of southern Brazil, the SAAD;
  • establish partnerships with municipal, state and federal governments in the implementation of activities related to sexual diversity and the fight against gender-based violence and the violence against women.